Albion Announced Leaf Pickup Start Date as October 11th, 2022..

The 2022 leaf pickup start date for the Town of Albion has been announced as October 11th, 2022.  To run for several weeks.  The end date will be announced at a later time. See the Street Department page on this website for the "Yard Waste Policy" leaf collection guidelines.

During Fall LEAF PICKUP 
Leaves must be raked to the curb or edge of 
street, if no curb is present. DO NOT 
leaves are raked into the street, they will not 
be collected until raked back behind the curb 
or edge of street by the resident. Raking 
leaves into the street is unsafe. Children like 
to play in leaves. A child could be injured by 
a passing vehicle, if unseen by a motorist. 
Leaves that are placed in the street can also 
plug storm drains. This will cause flooding, if 
storm water catch basins are plugged.

Leaves must be bagged in order to be 
collected. Bags shall not weigh over 30 lbs 
and shall not contain other debris.

In the event of a storm or other emergency, 
exceptions to this policy may apply

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