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Tena Woenker is the person responsible for handling the day-to-day operations for the Town of Albion. She leads a dedicated staff working to improve the community for the residents and to ensure success for many local businesses. Her experience in project management, fundraising, economic development, community building and grant writing are integral to her success. Tena's willingness to listen to the community, embrace change and tackle big projects are really helpful in this role.  

In addition to duties as the Town Manager, Woenker also serves in a variety of roles in as an appointee of the Town Council. She will serve on the Albion Plan Commission, the Albion Redevelopment Commission, the Board of Directors for the Noble County Economic Development Corporation and Region III-A Economic Development District. She has joined the Albion STAR team (part of Indiana Main Street).

Previously, Woenker served as Town Manager in the Town of Waterloo for over 5 years and was the president of the Indiana Municipal Manager Association in 2019. She is the founder of the Taste of the Arts festival for Arts United, coordinating it for 8 years, and was the Director of Marketing and Development for both Arts United and the Downtown Improvement District. Before moving to Fort Wayne in 2008, she was the Downtown Development Manager for Lafayette & West Lafayette, had worked for WBAA public radio from Purdue and was a newspaper editor/reporter at the Lafayette Leader.  Tena earned her BA from Purdue University. 

Tena is an avid volunteer, enjoys being a Master Gardener and spending lots of time outdoors with her family or friends.  She has assisted many non-profit organizations and helped with countless projects, as well as teaching Junior Achievement for 11 years.

 Tena is married to Tim Woenker, president of Chematics, Inc. of North Webster. They have four adult children, three grandchildren and two dogs.

Indiana Code Generally Defines the Duties of a Town Manager

The Town Manager is appointed by, and serves at the pleasure of the Town Council.

  1. shall attend the meetings of the legislative body and recommend actions the manager considers advisable;

  2. shall hire town employees according to the pay schedules and standards fixed by the legislative body or by statute;

  3. shall suspend, discharge, remove, or transfer town employees, if necessary for the welfare of the town;

  4. may delegate any of the manager's powers to an employee responsible to the manager;

  5. shall administer and enforce all ordinances, orders, and resolutions of the legislative body;

  6. shall see that all statutes that are required to be administered by the legislative body or a town officer subject to the control of the legislative body are faithfully administered;

  7. shall prepare budget estimates and submit them to the legislative body when required;

  8. shall execute contracts on behalf of the town for materials, supplies, services, or improvements, after the completion of the appropriations, notice, and competitive bidding required by statute; and

  9. may receive service of summons on behalf of the town.

Town Ordinance Further Defines the Duties of the Town Manager

  1. Shall administer and oversee the enforcement of all ordinances, orders, and resolutions of the Town Council.

  2. Shall see that all statutes that are required to be administered by the Town Council or a town officer subject to the control of the Town Council are faithfully administered.

  3. Shall work with department heads and the Clerk-Treasurer in the budget process and shall present to the Council recommendations for a balanced budget for the upcoming year. The Town Manager shall furthermore attend, with the Clerk-Treasurer, all required hearings and/or workshops relating to the budget process.

  4. Shall execute contracts on behalf of the town for materials, supplies, services, or improvements after the completion of the appropriations, notice, and competitive bidding required by statute.

  5. May receive service of summons on behalf of the town.

  6. Serve as the staff to the Town Council.  Research issues and policies as directed by the Town Council.  Suggest to the Town Council ways to improve service delivery to the tax payers with an emphasis on savings in the delivery of said services.  Suggest better, more efficient ways of conducting business.  Work with the department heads to assist in the resolution of issues.  Set up meeting room prior to meetings.

  7. Insure the policies and directives of the Town Council are followed.

  8. Maintain board appointment lists and advise the Council President and/or the appropriate appointing authority of any vacancies or reappointments needed.  Ascertain and interview potential candidates for said appointments at the direction of the Council President and/or the appropriate appointing authority.

  9. Maintain and revise 5, 10, and 15 year capital and equipment plans.

  10. Supervise, review, and monitor adequate and proper insurance coverage for town buildings, equipment and liabilities

  11. Oversee the Albion Sidewalk Program.

  12. Oversee and update the CEDIT Plan of the town.

  13. Work with the Utility Supervisor and the Town Engineer on CSO compliance.

  14. Oversee OSHA's plans, logs, and confirm compliance with OSHA's plans.

  15. Finally, the Town Manager shall have immediate authority and responsibility with regard to the following items:

  16. Research and investigate, through interaction with the state and special agencies, to aid in the acquisition of available grants to promote the continued growth of the town, including but not limited to IDEM, INDOT, DNR, IACT, Region 3-A, and Indiana Northeast Development.

  17. Aid department heads by listening to matters brought by citizens in an attempt to resolve those matters with the department head, if possible, prior to a Council meeting or present them to the Town Council for review.

  18. Report in writing the activities of the Town Manager to the Town Council at its regular meeting.

  19. To perform such other responsibilities as the Town Council shall designate.


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