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Facade Improvement Grant

Available Projects

50-50 Sidewalk (sign-up @ Town hall)

Paving Program

Leaf Pick-up

Spring Clean up

Monday - Friday
7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


Snow Removal Information
Please do not push snow into the public street.
Remember to plow drives inward, away from the street.
Please remove all un-driven and non working vehicles from the streets.


Grave Site:

$200 in town Resident

$300 out of town Resident

Open - Close


$300 weekday

$400 weekend or holiday

$100 cremation


$100 weekday

$200 holiday or weekend


Contact the Town Hall for questions about our Yard Waste and Tree Removal Policies.

The 2016 Albion Leaf Pickup dates run from October 17th thru December 2nd...

Please don't rake or pile the leaves in the street, but leave them on the edge of your property and street employees will be by to remove them.  Leaves raked or piled into the street create traffic hazards, puts children playing in the leaves at risk of injury and cause blockage in our storm water system. 

For Further Information open the
yard waste policy.

Reminders from ROSE HILL Cemetery Department, 489 West Main Street, Albion, IN.

Click this link to view or print the recently ammended Rules and Regulations for Albion's Rose Hill Cemetery. 

Water Department Information

3 wells with 3 high service pumps rated @ 600 gpm.

A 300,000 gallon water tower located @ North Ridge Village.

300,000 gallon water tower located @ Industrial Park.

6 iron removal pressure filter rated @ 600 gpm.

Fire Hydrants are flushed in the fall of each year.  This may result in discoloration of water.  The dates are announced in September.

Water meters are read on or near the 15th of each month.


Do not pour household grease down the drains or into the garbage disposal.  The grease will solidify and block the drains.

Location for the Christmas Tree Drop-Off

The new location will be at the loading dock on the East Side of the Albion Municipal Building, located at 211 E. Park Drive.

Services of the Wastewater Ponds System

How many ponds do we have?

First Pond - Primary Pond

Second Pond - Holding Reservior

Third Pond - Finish Pond


Due to the nature of our business, we are not always in the building.  If you need to contact the Superintendant, call the Town Hall at 260-636-2246.  If needed, the Superintendant or an employee will be contacted to return your call.

Street / Cemetery Superintendent

Brian Stimpson

Ph. 260-636-2246
Fax 260-636-2821

Street Employees

Kevin Todd

Corey Short

Cemetery Employees 

Robert Noe

Joe Halsey

Gene Lock

Water / Waste Water  Treatment Supervisor

Terry Forker

Ph. 260-636-2246
Fax 260-636-2821

Water Employees 

 Aaron McGinnis

Jason Koontz

Our Mission:

To provide the citizens of Albion with quality, safe and IDEM annually tested water.

In the event of an after-hours utility emergency, call 911 or 260-636-7157 to report the situation.

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